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Transition to Distance-Based Fees: Where do we go from here?

This article was originally published in Catalyst, August 2021.

As vehicles switch from gas-fueled to electric and revenues from the gas tax begin to decline, experts in the transportation industry are looking for alternative ways to fund roadways. Distance-based user fees (DBUFs) have been gaining political traction as a possibility.

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New website engages public on transportation investments

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has launched a new  website called “Get Connected” to answer Minnesotans’ most basic questions about how the state invests its transportation dollars.

The one-stop site answers these topics through interviews with MnDOT leaders, links to long-term transportation plans and graphics showing where the money goes (such as this eye-opening snow-and ice removal cost chart).

This site also highlights some of MnDOT’s most innovative projects. A “Transportation in the News” section showcases recent media coverage of MnDOT’s work and related articles from other states.

“Minnesotans have a right to know how their tax dollars are being invested and to be confident that MnDOT is spending public money effectively on transportation,” said Tracy Hatch, MnDOT deputy commissioner, chief financial officer and chief operating officer.

Tour the “Get Connected” website at www.mndot.gov/getconnected.

Bonus: here’s a video recap of 2013 projects from the new website: