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Reusing Local Byproducts in Sustainably Designed Soils

After road construction, soil in revegetation areas must retain adequate stormwater and provide stable embankments along the road. Revegetation can be challenging due to thin topsoil, and it often requires importing healthy organic soil and exporting excess construction soil generally unsuitable for plant growth.

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Using Noise Barriers and Snow Fencing to Capture Solar Energy

During the past decade, MnDOT has been developing solar projects and actively pursuing cost-effective energy-efficiency measures. Among the potentially effective innovations the agency has considered is adding solar panels to noise barriers and snow fences, transforming these single-function installations to multifunction installations. The electricity generated from this practice could offset installation costs and eventually generate revenue for other purposes. 

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New Project: Evaluation of Corrugated HDPE Pipes Manufactured with Recycled Content

Historically, federal regulations have required that MnDOT use pipes made with all-new materials in various applications, such as redirecting stormwater under roadways. However, recent changes to these regulations have made it possible for the agency to also consider pipes made with recycled materials, which could provide MnDOT with more options when choosing products for future projects.

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CTS Research Conference: a day of discovery and innovation

Have you registered to attend the annual CTS Transportation Research Conference on November 3?

The one-day event, held at The Commons Hotel on the U of M campus, will highlight new learning, emerging ideas, and the latest innovations in transportation. Sessions will also explore implementation efforts and engagement activities.

In the opening session, “Creating Sustainable, Livable, Forward-Compatible Cities for Economic Resilience,” author Gabe Klein will explore the innovations taking place in cities and how government, business, and nonprofit leaders can utilize this wave of change to shape a quality of life that is improved and not compromised.

Following his presentation, the following panel of experts will share perspectives on the implications for the future of transportation systems in Minnesota cities:

  • Mayor Ardell Brede, City of Rochester
  • Mayor Chris Coleman, City of St. Paul
  • Anu Ramaswami, Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
  • Mayor Betsy Hodges, City of Minneapolis (invited)

In the luncheon presentation, “How to Promote and Prepare for Automated Driving,” Professor Byrant Walker Smith will present steps that governments can take now to encourage the development, deployment, and use of automated driving systems.

Complete program details and registration information is available on the CTS website. Please plan to join us for a day of discovery and innovation!