John Deere tractor with dozer blade attached

Tractor, Meet Snowplow: Snow Removal Innovation

Over the years, dozers have been the desired tool for pushing snow drifts back along highways. While dozers work well, they are limited by the drivability between drift locations.

What about utilizing MnDOT’s John Deere tractors, normally used for summer mowing? Swapping wheels for tracks and adding dozer blades could transform this equipment into multifunctional year-round machinery.

District 8 and District 4 are currently pilot testing two brands (Mattracks and Soucy) of tracks through the Maintenance Operations Research program.

Both districts are evaluating field performance, cost savings, quality improvement, and safety improvement over an 18-month period. If successful, these tractor plows will have a variety of perks compared to traditional dozers. They are less expensive and consume less fuel. They are lighter, allowing them to float over the snow and push drifts away from the roadway. And they can be driven down the road to the next location without loading or unloading.

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