One thought on “Study reveals public misperceptions about local transportation issues”

  1. Is this the first in a series of articles? It seems rather abbreviated. I was hoping to read more about the basis for gap in funding. That is, do the authors of this study take the ASCE’s assessment for infrastructure needs as gospel? If so, and if future infrastructure was to be funded exclusively by the gas tax, it would need to be raised from 18¢ to 78¢ a gallon. This would negatively impact the demand to drive, thus negatively impacting gas tax revenue over the long run. So if my assumption of the basis for the gap is in fact correct, then I think it’s apparent that the manner in which road infrastructure is funded is problematic. What’s more, so too is it problematic the manner in which the future supply of infrastructure assessed. If anything, civil engineers have proven their inability to solve traffic congestion by building more roads, and thus they should not be the source for determining future infrastructure needs. When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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