Research Pays Off Webinar Series: Spray on Rejuvenator Test Sections

The National Road Research Alliance (NRRA) is hosting “Spray on Rejuvenator Test Sections” on February 15 at 10 a.m. CST, presented by the Preventative Maintenance Team.

The NRRA’s monthly seminar highlights research topics that will make an impact on the work done here in the state of Minnesota and around the country.


The objective of this study is to evaluate the long-term field performance of spray on rejuvenator products in a cold climate.

Project Summary

The NRRA Preventative Maintenance team is developing a detailed study of spray applied rejuvenators on hot-mix asphalt (HMA) pavement. The PM team is soliciting an open call for spray rejuvenator products to participate in this study which will likely generate national interest. The spray rejuvenator suppliers will be required to donate their product to the study and coordinate the application during the allotted week in summer 2020. MnDOT has identified several locations for the field sections in St. Michael, MN, near the MnROAD facility. The study will consist of MnDOT assisting with initial construction of field sections and providing long-term field monitoring with equipment from the MnROAD facility. A consultant will be hired (through a MnDOT RFP) to perform laboratory testing, analyze the performance from the laboratory and field sections, and ultimately provide a report with potential specification recommendations. Test sections will range between 500-1000 feet depending on the number of materials that are donated. A technical advisor panel (TAP) has been created under the NRRA PM Team and meets regularly to provide direction for the project. The TAP consists of members from agency, industry, and academia to create a study that is beneficial to all stakeholders.

Visit the MnROAD website for webinar connection information.

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