Earth Day 2021

April 22 is Earth Day!

Climate change & the environment is one of five research strategic priorities that guide the work of Minnesota’s transportation research program.

This includes research projects specific to endangered & threatened species, wetland protections, salt use and incursion, congestion impacts on air quality, and the impacts of road construction and maintenance activity on the environment.

Recently completed environmental research

Check out these environmental research projects, completed in 2020:

  1. Expanding the Success of Salt-Tolerant Roadside Turfgrasses Through Innovation and Education
  2. Permeable Pavement for Road Salt Reduction
  3. Monitoring and Performance Analysis of the TH610 Iron-Enhanced Filtration System
  4. Characterization of Runoff Quality from Paved Low-Volume Roads and Optimization of Treatment Methods
  5. Putting Research Into Practice: Guidance for Working With Potentially Acid-Generating Materials

Coming soon, ongoing environmental research

The following projects are underway; “subscribe” on the project page to receive an email alert when the research report is available:

  1. Cost-Effective Roadside Vegetation Methods to Support Insect Pollinators
  2. Climate Change Adaptation of Urban Stormwater Infrastructure
  3. Stormwater Pond Maintenance, and Wetland Management for Phosphorus Retention
  4. Highway Renewable Energy: Harnessing the Suns Energy through Noise Barriers and Structural Snow Fencing
  5. Reduce Vehicle-Animal Collisions with Installation of Small Animal Exclusion Fencing

Want to learn more more? Additional environmental research can be found using our research project search engine. Use the “Category” tool to filter for “Environmental” projects.

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