Winter Research Lightning Talks

Webinar Recording Available: Winter Research Lightning Talks

MnDOT’s Office of Research & Innovation and Office of Maintenance hosted, “Winter Research Lightning Talks” on Wednesday, February 25.

Minnesota winters create unique challenges for our roadways. Our researchers are testing new technologies and finding solutions to preserve infrastructure, improve safety, and increase efficiency.

Featured Projects

The event included five, five-minute presentations from researchers about the following projects:

Additional Winter Reserach

2 thoughts on “Webinar Recording Available: Winter Research Lightning Talks”

  1. Good day!
    Jeffrey Meek presented the slide about frost heaving in the report “Have Minnesota’s Warmer Winters Increased the Number of Freeze-Thaw Cycles”. Processes occurring during freeze-thaw cycles limited to the small are depth. Heat flow is done not get in subgrade whit freeze-thaw cycles. However, this does not suggest that warmer winters have no impact on frost heaving. In the report two of the topics, there have to be separated. Why in the presentations is not of number slide?

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